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All of our pujas take place in highly sacred spaces in India by Acharyas/pandits who are specifically vetted by us.

Authentic South Indian Vedic Pooja Service | Astrology (Advanced Vedic & KP Stellar Astrology), Numerology and Vasthu Shastra Pujas have always been conducted in homes and temples, and India’s enlightened spiritual masters have used puja to send long-distance healing as well. In today’s age, Bookurpooja has made puja available to the world through video conferencing. While some aspects have to be compromised or replicated in one’s own space (e.g. the incense and blessed food or prasad), the energy remains equally potent through webcast, and is now available to worshipers in any part of the world.

  • We provide pujas to bless your intentions for each milestone in your life, including the birth of a baby, a new home, a new venture, and more.
  • You may contact us anytime at contact@bookurpooja.com or WhatsApp +918220679490
  • All the Pujas are customized as per your need, aims and ambitions.
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Shiv Parvati Puja

Dreaming about your married life but facing troubles. Now you can be one of those happy married couples by consulting Bookurpooja!

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Rahu Mantra Puja

Conduct Rahu Mantra puja to appease malefic Rahu and protect yourself from the troubles such as poverty, miscarriage, business colleagues’ problems & much more!

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Ayusha homam puja

Make your child's first birthday with the Ayusha Homam Puja that blesses your baby with a healthy living while lengthening their life span.

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Goddess Garbarakshambigai Puja

The Garbarakshambigai Puja is the ultimate solution for the stressed parents who yearn for a safe and healthy baby for a long time. Book Instantly! You can get rid of all your pregnancy issues.

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Saraswati/Hayagreeva puja

Conduct Goddess Saraswati maa puja by BookUrPooja to attain wisdom and consciousness while evaluating intellectual skills in you and your family members.

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Hanuman Puja

Having trouble with any Court Case Or Legal Battle ? Cope and win it effectively by GyarahMukhi Hanuman Puja associated with property & law victory!

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Ganesh Siddhi puja

Get the faith and determination required to get desired job and employment success by conducting Ganesh Siddhi Puja with BookUrPooja vedic experts.

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Sudarshan Chakra puja

Remove all the ill effects & negativity done due to black magic with the divine powers of sudarshan chakra puja by our vedic professionals.

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Krodh Shaman Jamadagni Puja

The krodh shaman jamadagni puja by shubhpuja helps you to control your provoked thoughts & anger effectively. Want to make it happen.

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We send you the cosmically ordained date and time based on your personal chart, or based on universal astrological events (e.g. Hindu moon calendar). The auspicious time to conduct a puja is called a Shubmurtha.After booking your date and time, you will receive a set of instructions of puja materials to procure (e.g. sugar, small idol, milk, etc.) as well some simple instructions (e.g. clean eating, no alcohol) for you to make the most of the incredible healing energy that will be transmitted during the puja.

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