One of our signature Puja services is Grahabala, which is widely known for its divine and healing attributes. Grahabala has life energy of its own, and they vibrate on their own individual frequency. The frequency they send out determines the particular energy which will be attracted to solve the specific issue. Likewise, it also helps eliminate negative energy from your environment / home /office, and restore positivity in your life.

Step 1

Select a Pooja from the available list.

Step 2

Select additional priests and additional days you need for pooja.

Step 3

Checkout and Opt between paying initial amount or full amount.

Step 4

Enter required details to schedule optimal date for Pooja.

Step 5

Confirm Pooja date and pay second phase amount. If required.

Step 6

Participate in Virtual Pooja and Prasadham will be deilvered to your address via courier.