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Book Ur Pooja Terms and Conditions

The terminologies I, We, Us and Book Ur Pooja represents Book Ur Pooja and their Officials and legal representatives. All registered users of Book Ur Pooja must follow below listed ter,s. If you can't follow the terms, please do not use our services.

  • Consuming Non-Vegetarian and Alcohol two days before conducting pooja is not allowed.
  • Menustrating women please refrain yourself from participating in Poojas.
  • Pet Animals should not be allowed inside the room from which the pooja is watched.
  • Please maintain cleanliness while partcipating in Pooja.
  • Refunds will not be provided at any cost.
  • Please join at least 15 minutes before scheduled time.
  • If you fail to participate, Pooja will be continued.
  • If you particpated late, Sankalpam will be done during course of pooja.
  • Pooja start time will not be delayed at any cost. As the timings are considered auspicious.
  • However, you can reschedule the Pooja for once.
  • Only one person from family is allowed to contact. To make communication more easier.
  • Any Request Change/Modify Pooja procedure will not be entertained.
  • Recording/Taking photographs of Pooja is strictly not allowed.
  • Any disputes arised is subjected to Coimbatore jurisdiction only.

Our Founders

As a child growing up in Coimbatore, South India, his family was highly respected because of the profound knowledge in Vedas, Puranas and Astrology. As he got older, he developed a deep acuity for the Astrology and Vedic Literature, because of his fore fathers Late. Shri K V Raman, Shri Krishnamurthy Rao, Shri PJ Raghavendra Rao and Shri Kashi Maadhawachar, who were Scholars in 18 Puranas and 4 Vedas and best in Vedic Astrology. He was the topper of the Batch and has won 54 International, National Symposiums while he studied in Andhra Loyola College Vijayawada. He later completed a certificate course in Mechanical Engineering from SIET Pune and MBA in Human Resource and Marketing from ISMS Mumbai.

Haresh’s 10 years of career experience started in Pune, including 8+ years as a Sales and Marketing at well-known firms leading complex technical projects, including Thermax and agile development for several Fortune 500 companies. Later in his work, Haresh managed Import and Export, Due diligence, Operations Valuation, and Performance Transformation advice for multi-billion $ portfolios.

Acharrya Haresh Raman developed a global perspective and mindset, which he uses in all of his client interactions.

Our Uniqueness

Bookurpooja.com is a science and technology-based platform for authentic Vedic Pujas, Astrology, Vastu and Spiritual products through educated and qualified professionals. Bookurpooja is an international brand offering exclusive, highly specialized and customized services to our worldwide audience.

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